Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Jen,Kristen, David and Lisa, Thank you all so much for your especially good care during my lengthy infusion treatment.  This includes the artful sticks, the good company, the good advice and always the color coordinated wraps.  Many thanks. MRien

To Our Aurora Angels, Dr. Neid and Staff, Thank you for all your kind and considerate care.  Everyone was awesome! We wish you the best and hopefully only ever meet again in good health.  Best Regards, AGrell 

"Dr. Neid, Partners and Staff, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all.  Your knowledge, professionalism and personality is of the utmost. Thanks for everything. DJohnson and Family 

"The education process was completely satisfactory.  The financial responsibilities were made very clear.  I was left with no questions and have no suggestions for improvement.  They were all great." Ina Farmer

"They were great! No improvements."  Erik Gese 

"Dr. Kroll was great!"  "Once again the infusion staff was professional, friendly and helpful.  In fact they exceeded my expectations." Graham Lutz 

"Everything and everyone was great!  No improvement needed."  Charlotte Hawkins

"Dr. Kroll explained to me everything.  . . . . She answered all of my questions.  The staff is "great" all so friendly.  Easy to follow and very patient explaining the instructions.   I have more trust in you all than anyone else. I appreciate you all. " Maile Wilks  8-2011

"Dr. Neid has been and continues to be a very supportive and caring physician. His expertise has pulled me through a very difficult "staph" infection.  Without the smiling faces, the caring hands and the positive outlook of all of the staff, the three months of daily infusion I recently completed would have been a terrible ordeal.  Instead they made it very easy to tolerate.  They are a very special group. A five star place!"  Joan Markle

"All the staff were very professional and helpful. It was a positive experience." Nancy Morehead

"Very thorough and helpful. . . It was scary for me the first time and the written and illustrated material put me at ease.  I thought they(staff) were top notch." Trapper Steinle

"David was always professional, kind and caring.  He is truly an asset to your patients and your clinic." Tara K. Wade

"Dr. Neid is a cool guy and was very helpful! I think everyone was very helpful, polite and upbeat. The gal that took my blood pressure and weight was great and the other girls working there were all smashing baby! A++ Nice people! Do I need to step on another nail to see these nice people again?" Michael Alley