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When Do I Refer My Patient to Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists?

Do I have to treat my patient first before referring them to you?
NO, You do not have to treat them before referring to our practice. If you feel that you are out of your scope of expertise, let us help you out.
What would be considered out of my comfort zone?
If your patient is very sick or has multiple complications and you suspect resistant organisms, refer them to us.
Does my office have to verify insurance for the patient?
No, we have our own verification department and we will contact you to gather the information necessary for us to verify the patient's insurance coverage.
Does your office take Medicare?
Yes, we take Medicare as well as most private insurances. Our verification department will do the work to verify insurance for your patient.
Are you available for the patients to ask questions after hours?
Yes, we have a nurse and a physcian on call 24/7 to answer your patient's questions or in case of medical emergencies we are there to provide support.

We are here to provide professional infectious disease consultations for your patients.  If you need to contact us please call 303-750-1800.  Our staff will page the appropriate physician to your hospital and alert them about the status of your patient based on the information we receive.

We will need for your office to provide us with labs, progress notes, x rays, diagnosis and all pertinent patient information.  The sooner we receive this information the more quickly we will be able to assess and care for your patient.

We have included an intake form for your convenience. 

icon MD_to_MD_Referral_Information_Sheet2.doc (28 KB)

Please fill it out and then fax it to us:

Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists, P.C.

Attention: Patty Frazee
Verification Department