Pre-trip Planning and Checklists

Rocky Mountain Travel Clinic, LLC

Shopping and Packing List

(Recommendations differ depending on location, lodging, risk and activities.)

Water Safety:
Water Purifier, Chlorine dioxide tablets, iodine tabs, chlorine bleach, SteriPen
(Can combine water purifier with other products)
Water Storage: Hydration pack (Camelbak, etc) or just the bladder/tube. Fill with purified water and hang high on hanger/hook in bathroom.

Insect Repellants for skin only:
DEET products: 20-50% DEET. Works well but can melt plastic and certain fabrics. (Use aerosol or leak-proof container)
Picaridin products: Reapply more frequently than DEET, but it has less odor and safer for fabrics and possibly children. (Cutter, Sawyer, Avon, others)

Insect Repellant/insecticide for clothing, bedding, luggage and surfaces only:
Permethrin products: Apply to fabrics prior to travel. Allow to dry then pack. Good for 2 weeks and several washings. For bed sheets, allow to dry 1-2 hours prior to bedtime. (Sawyer, Permanone, others)

Medication list (over the counter):
Anti-diarrheal: Loperamide (Imodium)
Antihistamines: Benadryl, Zyrtec, Claritin (generics available)
Pain Relief: Acetaminophen, Paracetamol, ibuprofen, Naproxen (Aleve)
Probiotics for GI health: Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, Saccharomyces
Nausea and motion-sickness relief: Ginger pills, Bonine, Dramamine, etc.
Itch/Rash relief: hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl cream
Anti-bacterial ointment: triple-antibiotic, bacitracin, etc.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer: (gel, wipes)
Aspirin: For long flights (a mild blood thinner)

Preferred clothing fabrics for travel/light-packing/quick drying:
Best: Nylon or nylon-blend
Second best: thin polyester or blend, or very lightweight cotton
Third best: lightweight wool or blend (especially good for socks)
Worst: heavy cotton, denim.

Other suggestions:
Purse/handbag with long strap to go across chest; and zippered closure
Money belt: (never keep wallet in back pocket)
Small lock or twist closure for zipper closures of luggage/packs/bags
Hat with good coverage
Compression Socks for long flights or drives. (Many brands: Smartwool, Jobst, Bauerfeind, etc.)
Flip-flops: for public or non-hygienic shower or pool areas.
Small First-Aid Kit.
Electrolyte/Rehydration powder: Gatorade, Luna, many others.
International health insurance and evacuation insurance: (Check your credit card benefits,,, others.)
Keep Copy of passport info page in luggage and with family.
Ear plugs: For noisy lodging and airplanes. (May help with airplane landing/depressurization pain)
Leave expensive jewelry and watches at home!
Keep one full change of clothes in carry-on bag in case luggage lost.
If planning on many phone calls, consider unlocking your phone prior to departure then buying SIM card/plan when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Safely!